Leaether Strip - Mental Slavery Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Introvert
02 - Turmoil (Fuel For Fascism)
03 - My Shadow Is Your Home
04 - I Feel Human
05 - State Of Mind Control
06 - Invade My Body
07 - Out There
08 - Abusive
09 - Your God Has Left You Tonight
10 - Closer To The Pulse Beat
11 - It's The End
12 - No Entry No Exit
13 - Thirty-Seven Point One
14 - Strobe Lights
15 - Frankfurt Noir
16 - Invade My Body (Baer Body Music Mix)
01 - Grab It Now
02 - We Build The Walls
03 - Slow
04 - Battle Mind
05 - Dead Soil
06 - Song For Pia
07 - What Have I Done? (Feat. Andi Sex Gang)
08 - H. C. Orsted
09 - Out There (Tunguska Version)
10 - My Funeral
11 - I Watch You Fall
12 - Abscido
13 - Song For Pia (Acoustic Version Feat. Jim Cookas)
14 - The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight (Dance Mix)

It doesn’t seem long since the last full length album by Leaether Strip, “Aengelmaker” came out. With a few limited edition releases and another addition to the Retention series on top of that it almost seems as if there simply wasn’t enough time for a decent album to be written. Let alone enough tracks for a 2 CD one. Yet Claus Larsen, somehow manages to return with one of his most varied and exciting albums to date.

Mental Slavery’s first disk is full of catchy melodies and electronic sequences all fitted together to make highly danceable tracks. From the very opening word “GO” the vocals propel you forward into a hard hitting mix of beats and brutality, stopping momentarily before launching another full on attack. The harshness of the vocals nicely fit in with the pain and anger concept which runs throughout the album, with tracks covering a range of topics from sex to religion. With the bulk of the first disk being a very harsh EBM sound it still provides a few more interesting tracks to spice things up a bit. “Strobe Lights” even goes as far as creating a very synthpop sound with even the vocals being synthesised.

The second disk, adds something slightly different. As well as the hard hitting tracks from the first disk, Leaether Strip show the full range of their ability by adding in some slower more peaceful tracks; even ending up with an acoustic version (featuring I:Scintilla's Jim Cookas) of a track featured earlier on the disk “Song For Pia”. There’s even a nice duet with Andi Sex Gang which provides a perfect accompaniment to the vocals of Claus Larson himself.

With Leaether Strip making a recent return to the live scene, and now being one of the most highly demanded acts. This album is exactly what they need to put them once again at the top of the EBM scene.
Posted on 08 Jun 2010 by Jason
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